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What Exciting Things to Do on Your Dhow Cruise Tour?

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What Exciting Things to Do on Your Dhow Cruise Tour?

Traveling to new places across the globe is not only about enjoying the scenic beauty of nature or taking pictures in front of historical monuments. Tasting the exotic dishes of your place of visit makes your trip complete. When you are in Abu Dhabi, you should go for expensive buffets, served at the various banquets. Sailing on a cruise and enjoying a platter full of watery dishes will be a joyful experience. The charmingly beautiful creek and well lit-up modern buildings will add more value to it.

Features Available

The cruises for dhow cruise dinner are available from 7:30-8:00 p.m. till 10:00-10:30 p.m. There are pick-up and drop down facilities at your doorstep as well. You will get around 3 hours to spend in the old city, parks, and other locations.


• You can have welcome drinks.

• Traditional tea and coffee are also available.

• Drinking water is plenty enough.

• International buffet dinner consisting of appetizers, salads, main course dishes and desserts.


Although it differs with the tour operators and the banquet, that you have booked, the common ones are

• Emergency medical kits.

• Safety measures for an accidental fire.

• Life jackets for every individual.

• Toilet for men and women.

Additional features

If you are willing to pay a little more, you can

• Sit on the upper decks.

• Enjoy inside the bar.

• Listen to musical concerts.

• Accompany your kids at magic shows.

• Avail other gaming options as well.

• Attend other entertainment shows on special occasions.

• Tanoura dance show.

• Book for your wedding or reception party as well.

These are the perfect places for business meetings, family tours as well as for couples. For business meetings, you can book a separate zone so as to exclude loud music and party bash. If you belong to Gen-Y, you can opt for singers and belly dancers at the bar. You can enjoy the colorful skyline, the noise coming from trams and cars at a lower volume. You will surely have marvelous experiences that you will remember for a lifetime.

Remember a few things

• Book for the dhow cruise dinner well in advance.

• Keep the confirmation receipt properly.

• In the case of cancellation, you will get money refunded. The amount of money will depend on the number of days left for your booking.

• If you have an exclusive booking for the whole cruise, there is less chance of getting back your payment.

• Carry original documents of passport of every individual as your proof of identification. It will keep you away from any conflict with the government officials of UAE.

On an ending note

After a whole day of traveling, you will naturally love to relax and enjoy the evening in a grand way. It is always better to reserve well before, as this is hugely demanding. Keep in mind the most necessary things and spend your quality time. You will surely like to have more of these days in your life.

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