October 3, 2023

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Information About Bradley Smokers

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Bradley smokers are full featured smokers and although they aren’t famous for competition cooking, they are excellent home smokers. A Bradley smoker can either cold or hot smoke depending on the foods you’re preparing. With Bradley smokers you can actually smoke your meal for up to 8 hours without supervising it. This is being done with an automatic generator of smoke, a unique system used only by Bradley smokers. All you have to do is to load the metal feeder with approximately twenty bisquettes and the automatic feeder will handle the rest. The bisquettes will be loaded one at a time and burn for about 20 minutes. Once the 20 minutes are up, the automatic feeder will load another bisquette and the process starts all over again.

The smoker can continue cooking just as much as you want, you can easily program it for the desired temperature you need, add your bisquettes and that’s it basically. The process will work flawlessly due to the great workmanship of the automatic feeder and it’s durability. The exterior of the smoker is made from steel and is not painted. This will only mean that it will not fade or rust and also the color will not peel because of using it often. The exterior on the other hand is made from aluminum, this way the smoker will be immune to oxidation, corrosion and rust. Bradley smokers can come with either four or six racks depending on the size of the unit. These cooking racks are plated with nickel and are really spacious. The Bradley smokers have a very well-known name behind them and are known for quality which is why they also come with a lifetime guarantee.

The bisquettes used by these smokers are made from different types of woods, even hickory, mesquite or apple. You can opt for different flavored wood depending on what you plan on cooking, there is a wide selection of flavors. The bisquettes will come in packs with 48 pieces and will cost about $15.

The smokers made by Bradley are very reliable and versatile too. You can use the cold smoker for fruits, vegetables and even cheeses. When you purchase a Bradley smoker you instantly become part of a large and welcoming community of people who love to cook and try new things. Feel free to try new things, there are many people online who will help you and give you guidance. When purchasing a Bradley barbecue smoker, make sure to check online, prices are usually substantially less and many times shipping is included.

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